Precision Sheet Metal Operator (PSMO) Certification

The Mark of a Skilled Fabrication Professional!

fma-certified-logo1FMA’s PSMO Certification is the metal fabricating industry’s only comprehensive exam designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of critical precision sheet metal operations. Some of the fabrication processes covered in the certification exam include shearing, sawing, press brake, turret punch press, laser cutting, and mechanical finishing.

PSMO Certification is good for 3 years. Maintaining your certification requires twenty-four (24) recertification credits*. You can earn credits through continuing education, your daily work responsibilities and other professional activities.

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Testing Weeks

Testing weeks for PSMO Certification are offered on a quarterly basis.

August 1-8, 2016
November 7-14, 2016
Feb. 6-13, 2017
May 1-8, 2017

NEW in 2016: The certification exam for PSMO certification is now available online, and can be accessed at your home, school or place of employment.

For Operators

Achieving PSMO means that you possess the experience, education and expert knowledge to successfully operate within the industry. You have professionally recognized proficiency, a mark of distinction that sets you apart. You are recognized by a professional international association that validates and stands behind your achievement.

Take control of your professional destiny, set yourself apart, and improve your employment and advancement opportunities.

duane-edmonds-2“Certification sets us apart from everyone else. Other employees look at us differently, as far as what we should know.”

Duane Edmonds, Certified PSMO,
Metcam Inc., Alpharetta, Ga.

For Employers

Need a tool to make better decisions in hiring new employees, training current workers, and retaining and promoting key team members? PSMO Certification is the perfect solution. Companies that support certification gain skilled workers who can more effectively run today’s high-tech manufacturing equipment.

Validate your employees’ achievements, and provide the recognition they deserve for their skills and expertise.

Apply for Certification

Candidates must meet one of the following eligibility requirements.
• Two (2) years’ experience as a machine operator; or
• One (1) year training from an accredited program plus one (1) year experience as a machine operator; or
• Successful completion of a two (2) year formally-recognized apprenticeship program in precision sheet metal
Download our Certification Policies and Guidelines for a complete description.

Prepare for the Exam

FMA offers all the tools and resource you need to polish your skills and refresh your knowledge for the certification exam. Review the PSMO Body of Knowledge

Register for the Exam

Once your application is approved, FMA will notify you of your authorization to register for the exam. The assessment exam for PSMO certification is now available online. You will be able to reserve the exam date & time most convenient for you within the quarterly testing weeks.

PSMO Application

Application Processing Fee

$25 (non-refundable,
will apply toward the exam fees)

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Exam Application

Register at least 3 weeks prior to your preferred date.

Download the Exam Application

Exam Fees

    FMA member Non-Member Student*
PSMO Certification Exam $245 $345 $95
Exam Retake $95 $95 $95
Recertification $0 $25 $25

*currently taking 12 or more credit hours a semester
If your employer holds a CompanyPLUS membership or is an FMA Certified Education Center, you may qualify for discounted fees or complimentary exams.

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Take the Exam

The PSMO exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

System Requirements for online testing: You will need to use a computer with a webcam and a reliable, high speed internet connection. Visit to confirm connections.

You are given 2 hours to complete the certification exam. On your exam date, please allow 2.5 hours for setups with proctoring service and exam time.

Web-based Exams

Pick the date and location best for you. The PSMO exam is available at hundreds of convenient testing locations throughout North America. Special pricing and delivery options are available for groups.

Current Testing Site Locations

Find a location near you.


PSMO Certification is good for 3 years. Maintaining your certification requires twenty-four (24) recertification credits*. You can earn credits through continuing education, your daily work responsibilities and other professional activities. Earning recertification credits does not have to be costly or take you far from your work or home. In fact, you may already be doing activities that could count for credit, and not even know it!


Recertification Fees:

FMA/TPA Member $0
Non-Member $25

Apply for Recertification

Recertification credits may be earned through the following approved programs and activities:

Program or Activity1

Additional Details

Recertification Credits

Continuous Employment

Employment within the precision sheet metal industry

Up to 6 Credits per Year

Educational Events** (industry-related)

Seminar, Conference, Workshop, Training pertaining to precision sheet metal topics

Up to 8 Credits per day

E-learning courses

Self-paced / On-demand (E-Fab© modules)

4 Credits

Webinars (Live or Recorded

Online, interactive seminars (FabCasts©)

2 Credits

Trade Shows (such as FABTECH)

Show Attendance

2 Credits

Educations Sessions

1 Credit per training hour

On-the-Job Training or Project

Requires Description

Up to 6 Credits per Year

Books & Videos

Industry Applicable Topics

Based on Title / Video Length

Certification Volunteer

Includes Test Development, Item Writing/Reviewing, and Proctoring

Based on Service Provided

1 In addition to the items listed, programs or activities eligible for recertification credit may also include book publishing, authoring or presenting technical papers, patent applications, granted patents, and significant projects.

*You may retake the certification exam (for a fee of $95) in place of submitting recertification credits. If you fail to provide adequate documentation of recertification credits, you must retake the exam to maintain your certification.

**Acceptable educational events include technical conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. They do not need to be sponsored or hosted by FMA.

For each credit submission, you will need to provide a completed copy of the Recertification Credit Submission Form or other approved proof of completion. Credit details may be submitted at any time during the three year certification period.

In addition to recertification credit documentation, at the end of the certification period you will need to submit a completed Application for Recertification {add link to PSMO Recertification App.pdf} along with any applicable fees.