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Fabrinomics® provides members with twice monthly summaries of current relevant business and economic stories accompanied by commentary that interprets how this news can affect your business decisions. It delivers only the news that matters to manufacturers without the hype typically found in consumer news media.

Fabrinomics is authored by Dr. Chris Kuehl, FMA’s economic analyst and founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence.  In addition to responding to current news stories, Dr. Kuehl also provides original content that speaks directly to manufacturers and their decision-making concerns.

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Dr. Kuehl also writes frequent white papers to provide in-depth coverage of topics that influence manufacturing decisions.

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Executive Intelligence Briefing System

Dr. Chris Kuehl, FMA’s economic analyst, and his Fabrinomics e-newsletter are high on most members list of favorite FMA benefits. Chris is the founding partner of Armada Corporate Intelligence, a strategic planning consulting firm in Kansas City. Chris and his partner Keith Prather produce an Executive Intelligence Briefing System and they have made it possible for FMA to offer it as a benefit to members at a discount.

The Executive Briefing System was designed in conjunction with Fortune 500 executives as their “ideal” mix of economic, general business and geopolitical briefings. Its focus is to keep organizational leaders ahead of critical business and national economic risk issues. Delivered in the spirit of the President’s Daily Brief, it’s a quick read.

Here’s what you will receive:

Dr. Chris Kuehl

FMA’s Economic Analyst and
Founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence.

  1. Black Owl Report (2 times a week) – Briefings provide business risk analysis critical for all executives across seven different management dimensions at a macro level.
  2. Inside the Executive Suite (1 per week) – Tips, tricks, and techniques from the World’s Top CEO’s on “how to get things done”.
  3. Falcon Alert (as appropriate) – Breaking events that create additional business risk on a macro level. Not to be confused with the breaking news of a traditional media outlet, this bulletin attempts to bring early impact analysis of business risk-oriented events.
  4. Falcon Report (follow up to a Falcon Alert) – White paper covering an event or trend created via a Falcon Alert.
  5. National Economic Security Estimate (1 per month) – Much like the National Security Estimates provided by top U.S. intelligence agencies, this publication looks forward to highlight primary areas of risk and growth opportunities for Executives in the coming months.
  6. Global Economic Security Estimate (1 per month) – Similar in format to the publication above, but focused on key global regions and the business risk environment in those regions.
  7. Economic Scorecard (1 per month) – Given the myriad of economic reports released every month, this proprietary scorecard provides a nice status report of where the U.S. economy is and where it is headed in the next thirty days.
  8. Armada Executive Intelligence System Network Access – Gives you access to Armada Managing Directors to ask questions about content in any Armada publication and specifically how it might affect your organization. Access is through traditional e-mail, which means directly communicating with Chris Kuehl or Keith Prather and all queries are kept strictly confidential. It’s like a personal confidante for executives.
  9. Armada-intel Website Access – This unlimited access provides members with exclusive real-time content not included in the regular PDF versions of the briefings, a searchable archive, video and podcasts as available, and the ability to add intelligence and insights to current stories (direct interaction with the EIB community).

CompanyPLUS members can receive this program as part of their FMA membership investment. All other members may purchase the EIB System as a discounted add-on to their membership.

Contact customer service at 888-394-4362 to start your subscription!